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The team talk to June Picken about the charity event being held on Saturday 6th July at The Roseycombe Binley Woods from 2pm. frank was diagnosed with a rare Lung desease in May. Help support the event by coming down or donating on http://www.facebook/frank listen to ‘Frank Picken – Charity Event’ on Audioboo

The team talk to Jackie, dental Hygienist working for Abbey End Dental practice, in Kenilworth the eve before she and Husband set off to walk 100K in aid of breast cancer care support. jackie’s mum was diagnosed with breast cancer as has other close friends and Jackie decided that she wanted to do more to […]

We speak to Daniel Browne co-ordinator of Push Projects – Warwick. Find out more about the charity at @pushprojects listen to ‘Daniel Browne – Co-ordinator of push Projects Warwick ’ on Audioboo

he team form Radio Warwickshire find out more about the national charity Achievement for All. We speak to the Regional Lead West Midlands, South Catherine Nyman about how schools can get involved. Find out more at listen to ‘Interview with Catherine Nyman – Regional Lead West Midlands South for achievement for All ’ on […]

Liane and Eddie get set up.  It was obvious they hadn’t had enough coffee yet.  Also in this segment, Patrick, from Warwick Words, reads a humorous poem called “Growing Old.”   [mp3j track=”Comic Relief Remix Part I.mp3″]    

On Friday March 15th Radio Warwickshire is LIVE and out in Warwickshire reporting on all of the fun and fund raising for Comic Relief. The team from Radio Warwickshire volunteer their time and will be broadcasting LIVE from the Cross Kenilworth for 12 hours, starting at 11am and are out in force with a full […]

If you are in a band, or just want to be part of quality radio for our live broadcast, while raising money for Comic Relief..get in touch at info@radiowarwickshire and send over your MP3 music to or come along to the Cross Kenilworth on Friday 15th March 2013. 11 am to 11pm. To get […]

Holly Moorhouse and Charlotte James – speech producer for RAW – Warwick Uni 24 hour 5 day radio marathon for Charity – Coventry Cyrenians listen to ‘RAW – ’ on Audioboo

The team were invited along to meet some of the team and clients at Kenilworth Phab listen to ‘Kenilworth Phab – Local Charity’ on Audioboo

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