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We talk to Mark Grimes Photographer exhibiter and artist Sue Southorn through the Warwickshire Open Studios at Lock Cottage Lower Cape Warwick. The exhibition is on until the 14th July in line with Warwickshire Open Studios – free admission to all venues . Http:// Http:// Http:// listen to ‘Art and Photography by the canal’ on […]

We speak to Jan about the Abbey Barn Museum, in the grounds of Abbey Fiends, Kenilworth. Open Sunday afternoons and bank holiday Monday afternoons 2.30 to 4.30pm. Visit this weekend if you are in town for the Kenilworth Festival. Contact for more details: 07971549963. listen to ‘Jan Cooper – Chair of the kenilworth, […]

The team from Radio Warwickshire talk to one of the tour guides about the importance of conservation of the Medieval Cathedral. Show your support this weekend at the 3 day Book Worm Event in the Cathedral Grounds. Http:// listen to ‘The conservation of the Medieval Cathedral of St Michaels, Coventry.’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire interview the team at facebook: FourteenRecordsmatt @14records listen to ‘Matt and Gemma from 14 Records’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire meet the Richie from @invisibleflock Bring The Happy at The Bubble Chamber. The instillation will be running until Saturday 27th April. Come down and meet the team and share your Happy Memories… listen to ‘Coventry Bring The Happy’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Monica Brown – Programme Maker and Lecture in Media’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire interview Sue from Warwick Words about the forth coming festival and open mic night in March. 07944768607 . Listen again at   listen to ‘Sue Wallbank – Warwick Words’ on Audioboo

The team interview Oliver Scott running interactive digital pop up art in Coventry. listen to ‘Cascades @ the Bubble Chamber’ on Audioboo

January 3, 2013

In Leamington, I get off at the bottom of town. I walk uptown and do some street photography along the way. The first thing of beauty I see is a tall red-haired girl in short shorts, black tights, and boots. Her hair is wild. She smokes a cigarette.  Keats was right, a “thing of beauty is […]

Sarah Abellan owner of libro books and toys -displays her talents at Art at 9a. listen to ‘Sarah Abellan libro books and toys’ on Audioboo

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