Can You Dance? The Ultimate Dance Experience

Written by on July 14, 2013


‘Can You Dance?’ is an amazing day dedicated to Dance and Performing Arts!  I took my wife who spectated with me and my two daughters (Hannah and Paige) who took part and we all had a fantastic day!

You had an opportunity to compete, take masterclasses, shop for dancewear and meet like minded dancers and industry experts all in one place.

Hannah and Paige had masterclasses with Lukas McFarlane the Winner of Sky 1’s ‘Got to Dance’ 2013, Nicolette Whitley who with Alleviate had been a runner up of ‘Got To Dance’ in 2011 and also Tom Shilcock who was a runner up in BBC1’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’!

The Masterclasses were simply excellent.  Lukas didn’t mind if his students made a mistake, he wanted them to make the dance their own. Nicolette challenged people to listen to the lyrics and feel the emotion. They both inspired the young dancers to form a connection with their audience.

Tom Shilcock’s masterclass in Jazz followed a similar theme.  He looked for ‘performance, performance, performance’ using really uplifting music from The Lion King.  Tom explained how the dancers needed to enjoy their own performance, “if you enjoy yourself, other people will as well”.  He went on to explain that he could teach the steps but he could not teach ’emotion’ and that is what they needed to share with an audience.  Straightforward advice but so valuable.

In between the masterclasses was a competition between 17 groups that was a phenomenally high standard.  We saw Jazz, Street, Tap, to name but a few and finished off with a beautiful performance by the Harlequin Stage School.

Can You Dance? was run by people who simply LOVE dance.  The event had been put together by Tom and Matt Flint a former Winner of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.  Matt also gave masterclasses ran a ‘Tap Jam’ as well as being Head Judge for the competition.  Even though he was extremely busy he went everywhere with a huge smile on his face.

We’ve been to a number of Dance events, including ‘Move It’ at Olympia in London but none of them have been as good as this.  The groups in the Masterclasses were capped so Hannah and Paige did feel like they had room to dance properly and the judges encouraged their groups to space out.  This meant ‘Can You Dance’ gave a personal experience to all the students that attended a class.

As I said at the start we had an amazing day and if you are a dancer or love seeing truly talented people that are passionate a dance, then you MUST attend ‘Can You Dance?’ in 2014!  There should be an event coming to Nottingham next July!

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The Judges, Matt, Tom, Lukas and Nicolette running their classes.


You can see the trophies befitting the ‘Ultimate Dance Experience’.


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