Can Nature Survive Infrastructure? Looking at the UK Proposed High Speed Rail Link HS2

Written by on April 2, 2020

In 2010 the British Government proposed the construction of  a new High Speed train line that would build the infrastructure and link 21 destinations in the UK. 

The Government and HS2 Ltd acknowledge that the route can’t be delivered without extreme harm to the natural environment, but have pledged to ‘no net loss’ for wildlife (a policy aiming to prevent and offset the damage caused by human activity).

 On Tuesday 4th February representatives from the Wildlife Trust presented a letter to the Prime Minister, signed by over 66,000 supporters, asking him to Stop and Rethink HS2. 

Despite this on the 11th February The Prime Minister announced that  “After careful consideration the decision has been taken to proceed with HS2”. 

Reported by Liane Kate @LianeKate

Radio Warwickshire

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