Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

Written by on May 31, 2013


If you are looking for a romantic read with genuinely likeable characters then ‘Billy & Me’ is perfect! It is so well written you would never know that it is the first novel to be written by Giovanna Fletcher.  You may know Giovanna as she is married to Tom Fletcher from Mcfly.

It tells the tale of Sophie May a girl who kept a very personal secret from an early age.  Her life is put back together through a wonderful friendship with Molly whom she runs a teashop with. I feel like I have visited the teashop as you capture the imagery and delicious smells of the home cooked baking in the way Giovanna writes. Instead of spending a gap year at Molly’s Tea on the Hill, eight years on Sophie still works there. However when a handsome actor walks in everything is about to change for Sophie and Molly.

There are some very telling scenes where Sophie comes face to face with paparazzi that can only have been written by someone with insider knowledge of having had to deal with them.

The main characters are so warm that you will find yourself laughing out loud at them yet I still had tears in my eyes as the final scenes played themselves out.  Jill Mansell captured it perfectly when she described it as ‘A gorgeous, gloriously romantic read with buckets of charm’ and I can’t describe it any better.

– Ideal time to read – Holiday (I read it in two days)

– Who have I lent it to – Nicky (my wife) and Hannah (my 15 year old daughter)

– If you like this then read ‘Safe Haven’ (Nicholas Sparks) – the book is even better than the film

– Ideal soundtrack – ‘Obviously’ – McFly

– What am I reading now – Jane Eyre – read ‘Billy and Me’ to find out why

I had the pleasure of sitting near Giovanna at a recent McFly concert in Wolverhampton – hence the photo (and yes I probably am their oldest fan!).  If you want to get hold of a copy of ‘Billy and Me’ then Kenilworth Books should be able to get you a copy or @bookdepository can deliver anywhere in the world and it’s available to order at:

I really enjoyed this debut novel and am already looking forward to Giovanna’s next one.



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