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You may not have heard of WhiteMoor so to bring you up to speed they are a British Indie band from Derby.  They were formed back in 2010 by Gary ‘Barrington’ Mole, who enlisted the services of Benny Ryan as his lead vocalist.  The additions of Luke Inglis (Bass), Tom Scribbins (Drums) and Louise Tomlinson […]

If you are looking for a romantic read with genuinely likeable characters then ‘Billy & Me’ is perfect! It is so well written you would never know that it is the first novel to be written by Giovanna Fletcher.  You may know Giovanna as she is married to Tom Fletcher from Mcfly. It tells the […]

Footstorm features the winners of Sky 1’s ‘Got To Dance’ the Irish Dance crew ‘Prodijig’.  The show tells a story of time travel to the year 2476, an immense battle between ‘the pure of heart’ against ‘evil’, a tale of love and all climaxing in a winner takes all fight.  This is all portrayed entirely […]

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