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Constellations – Hayley Parr

Observers of the sky have grouped stars into constellations for thousands of years. The reason we have historically done so is simply to help us navigate our way around the night sky more easily. tims-crab-nebula

Constellations are given names based on the apparent shapes they form, for example Orion a warrior wearing a sword or Cygnus the Swan. Stars that make up constellations for the most part have little to do with each other although some are close together most are much further away from each other than we perceive here on Earth. The constellations we see in the night sky today will not be a lot different to when life here on Earth began, this is due to the incredibly slow movement of the stars. There are 88 constellations in total, lets look at how we can observe some of these.

You will need a sky map or planesphere (see below recommended list). Which of the constellations you will be able to see in the night sky will vary depending on the time of year.

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Photo: Courtesy of Tim Jardine. Baginton. Warwickshire

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