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The latest mixtape by @lianekate features some of the hottest new music from around Warwickshire.  If you love listening to the raw music of up and coming musicians, this is a must listen mixtape (and please share the link with people you know, let’s help these artists get their music heard).  Peace.     [mp3j […]

listen to ‘The LIVE set from Kellys Band at the Zephyr Lounge – @ The Assembly’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Come down to the zephyr lounge – Assembly LIVE music tonight’ on Audioboo

Come down to the Zephyr lounge The Assembly Leamington tonight and listen to Kelly’s Band. listen to ‘The Zephyr lounge – Kelly’s band LIVE Tonight’ on Audioboo

Kelly’s band listen to ‘Live at the Zephyr Lounge – The Assembly Leamington’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire interview Anthony to find out about writing. listen to ‘Corporate Responsibility for Business’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Anthony Hildebrand -Warwick Words writer in residence’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire speak to Becky from Becky from Leamington Spa people listen to ‘Becky from Leamington spa People’ on Audioboo

Listen to the local people of Warwickshire as they tell the team from Radio Warwickshire what they love about the coming of Spring… listen to ‘What Puts a Spring in Your Step? ’ on Audioboo

Midlands based festival travel specialist launch a festival band competition that’s final will be held at the Assembly on the 25th April send your mp3s/music links to closing date is 23rd March. listen to ‘Dermot O’Flynn from eufest’ on Audioboo

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