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Let Radio give your music talent a boost! Listen to Charlie Ward on tweet @radiowarks #rwmusic and let us add your talent to our play list Subscribe and get our team to come out to your gig and record a live session for the radio streamer. listen to ‘Singer Song Writer Charlie Ward’ on […]

The team at Radio Warwickshire are motivated to support unsigned bands! we can add your music to our play list, or we can send a reporter our to you gig to record a feature for the station. Talking Odd, featured here were one of the bands we recently featured. Contact the team at or […]

Jack Davis and Lewis Moss, two members from the band Duke Join the team from Radio Warwickshire to share the progress on their forthcoming EP. Due out early next month on reverb nation Facebook as a free down load: dukemusiconline listen to ‘Duke – update on their EP’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire were invited to meet General Manager Gllen Rayner, to have a look around the Warwickshire Golf and Country Club. The surroundings and facilities are second to none, with great January deals it would be worth a visit. listen to ‘The Warwickshire – Golf and Country Club’ on Audioboo

Local Voice – from Warwick Library. The team asked the people in warwickshire how they are helping kicl the post holiday blues. listen to ‘How to Shake the post-holiday blues…’ on Audioboo

A dedication for a Radio Warwickshire listener Paige Rose..Happy Birthday! Your music choice was One Direction – Kiss you! just for it is..have a great day!         listen to ‘Happy Birthday to Paige Rose! ’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire were invited to the annual Wassail – a traditional fertility ceremony held in the country side the celebrate the end of winter and the drawing out of the days, and the arrival of spring. Listen again at http:/// #rwday #rwmagic #celebration #ceremony#radio #interview @radiowarks     listen to ‘The Annual […]

The team from Radio Warwickshire have been invited along to the traditional Wassail – performed by the Plum Jerkum. A traditional fertility and the celebration of the coming of spring. listen to ‘The Wassail – at Long Itchington’ on Audioboo

January 11, 2013

Sally Haines showcasing some her original songs tonight. #rwmagic listen to ‘Sally Haynes ’ on Audioboo

Winston’s Big Brother, one of 7 acts playing tonight. #rwmagic #live #music listen to ‘Winston’s Big Brother’ on Audioboo

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