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Derek Fraser Crosson

My name is Derek Fraser Crosson and I am an Empowerment Architect and Clinical Hypnotherapist enabling anyone to live their dreams and enrich their life! I am based in the Stratford-on-Avon and the South Warwickshire area. “Derek Fraser Crosson is an exceptional hypnotherapist who draws upon evidence-based therapeutic interventions and wraps them in a caring, […]

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Ronnie Carnwath

As a small child, I  was always surrounded by music – my sisters had the radio on constantly, and I remember hearing ABBA, Wings and ELO. I vividly remember laughing at Laurel & Hardy on Top of the Pops performing “The Trail of the Lonesome Pine”. In the late 70s I developed a taste for […]

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David Izen

I grew up with music, my Dad and uncle were professional players, Dad being pretty good at jazz. I grew up listening to many of the tracks I play here. I am a piano player myself and jazz is now one of my passions. Listening to the genius of the jazz musicians past and present is a […]

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Liane Kate


Talent & content scout: Liane’s idea to set up an online radio & blogsite having had a background in presenting & broadcast Journalism. As Co founder, her passion is to offer an opportunity for creatives to use the platform to share music, news & media.

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Kon Frankowski

After successfully running a Sheffield-based marketing company that focused on creativity, innovation and forward thinking, Konrad ‘Kon’ Frankowski now runs Moonflight, a Midlands-based Web, Media, Graphic and Marketing Design Agency. Since the very beginning, he has assisted businesses across the UK with branding, logo design, communications, web design, social media and more. His experience comes […]

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