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Interview with Sean Kelly

listen to ‘Interview with Sean Kelly’ on Audioboo Sean Kelly is poet, filmmaker and writer. He is the headline poet tonight at the Pure and Good and Right open mic poetry night.


Introducing Kirsty Lowrie

listen to ‘Introducing Kirsty Lowrie’ on Audioboo Kirsty is a singer songwriter, originally from Scunthorpe but has lived in Warwickshire for over seven years. Kirsty has been singing for a long time and is currently working on an acoustic EP of her own original tracks. Kirsty’s songs mirror her own experiences and comprise of a mix of soul, funk and …

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Introducing Daniel Ruiz Tizon

listen to ‘Introducing Daniel Ruiz Tizon’ on Audioboo Sneak Preview The Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Show is coming to Radio Warwickshire starting Monday, 19 August 2013. Listen from 9PM on Comedy with south London’s latte ponce Writer and comedian Daniel Ruiz Tizon, a man on his fifth nose and former co-creator/presenter of “Please Don’t Hug Me” recorded in …