Radio Warwickshire – June AUDIO News Letter

Listen to Clay and Liane from Radio Warwickshire as they talk through some of the highlights of the last month, and the hopes moving forward. On location at the Welfest Festival about to report for the team, they talk through the new social media platforms, website forum and up coming interviews. Subscribe and receive a monthly update to your email


Simon Hancock – music for Radio Warwickshire Playlist

Music to add to Radio Warwickshire’s Play List.
Send you music to us, a bio and photo and we can review it for air play.

Daniel Browne – Co-ordinator of push Projects Warwick

We speak to Daniel Browne co-ordinator of Push Projects – Warwick. Find out more about the charity at @pushprojects

As She Burns – LIVE

At party in the park – Kenilworth interview back stage before playing to the crowd.

Paul Smith – Sports Report for Radio Warwickshire

Listen to the first report from Paul Smith; Sports reporter for Radio Warwickshire. If you have sports news, get in touch with the team at

Listen to the Interview and Music from Daniella Sage, Produced by and recorded at 14 Records Leamington Spa

Daniella Sage – recording LIVE at 14 Records Leamington. Part of The Kenilworth Festival Party in the Park main stage performer on the 12th May 2013. Follow Daniella on @daniellasage

14 Records Invite the Team to Meet Ian Bourne and hear some of their producing work

The team from Radio Warwickshire were invited to the recording studios at 14 Records in Leamington to meet the team and Interview Ian Bourne. Listen to the Music Track Produced by 14 Records. for all artists who will be performing LIVE in the Party in the Park on the 12th May.

Daniella Sage -singer song writer

Daniella Sage – recording LIVE at 14 Records Leamington. Part of The Kenilworth Festival Party in the Park main stage performer on the 12th May 2013.

Mel Alston Jr. MUSIC to Look out for on Radio Warwickshire

The breakout single from Philly neo-soul singer Mel Alston Jr. With an infectious melody and true to life lyrics of ambition, Dreamer is a solid R&B record from beginning to end.
Mel Alston Jr is a male indie singer/songwriter from Philadelphia. His music is an alternative mixture of Soul, Rock & R&B. He released His First mixtape, Waking Up # Vol#1, in 2010.
Mel sang as a child and played several instruments including Piano, trumpet and trombone. He attended Howard University where he played trumpet for the “Showtime Marching Band”. After finishing college, he began to act and sing in local plays, which created an interest by his peers in a solo career. Along with J Forbes and several others, “Da Circle Entertainment Group” was created to positively influence and network with local artist in Philly. Mel began to work with several writers and producers including Willie Stone, Terrence Anderson & Ric & Pres. Currently unsigned, Mel plans to break boundaries with a new raw sound influenced by Rock & R&B.
Dreamer is the first single off of Mel’s upcoming untitled EP.
@melalstonjr – Dreamer

What Puts a Spring in Your Step?

Listen to the local people of Warwickshire as they tell the team from Radio Warwickshire what they love about the coming of Spring…