Cascades @ the Bubble Chamber


The team interview Oliver Scott running interactive digital pop up art in Coventry.

Art at 9a Southbank Rd Kenilworth


Helen clues Corinna Spencer Emma Andrews Jacqueline smithson. gallery 25 kenilworth. Location 9a Southbank Rd

Mad Museum Stratford


The team from Radio Warwickshire made a visit to the Mad Museum Stratford

The MAD (Mechanical Art & Design) Museum has been an idea and a lifelong ambition of mine and as an entrepreneur and businessman in October 2011 felt the time was right to move the idea to reality. The intention has been to create a permanent exhibition of all things mechanical, weird and wonderful. My son, Iain and nephew Mike Abbotts shared this dream and they now form the young generation running this project under my guidance.

The internet has made exploring this subject, and finding talented artists of such work, a much easier task. The term ‘Kinetic Art’ broadly encompasses the genre of the MAD museum and alongside wacky machines, we are keen to embrace the many fun and clever things that can be achieved with modern lighting technology. Steam Punk would also be a genre that deserves recognition within the museum. Having searched for the right location and building we have now acquired a fantastic setting for the MAD Museum.

The Museum is based in central Stratford upon Avon, a very busy tourist town in England.



Taiko Bash Warwickshire


Noisy, fun and fast paced day at Kenilworth School and Sixth Form; A Level Drama Students, GCSE Music Students, crowds of fascinated students drawn by the sound and joining the class – stilll buzzing.. Here’s the short radio programme recorded at our session by Radio Warwickshire – little vox pop interviews with students and teachers.. have a listen.








Interview with Vicky Whitehill – Director of Improbable Fiction. Talisman Theatre


Liane from Radio Warwickshire interviews Vicky Whitehill – Director of Improbable Fiction was written by Alan Ayckbourn to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stephen Joseph theatre in Scarborough . A light-hearted celebration of the power of the imagination it was inspired by the authors visit to a writers circle . During the talk he was convinced that those attending had never written anything in their lives ! Arnold a jolly nice bloke who translates instruction manuals hosts the meeting , well he does have a large house which he shares with his ageing mother . Jess a lesbian farmer intent on creating historical romances , Grace trying to complete a children’s story , Vivvi whose hero DCI Jim Rash is breaking her heart while Clem’s Science Fiction (or is it fact?) stories are hard to keep up with. Brevis a somewhat bitter retired teacher is intent on writing a musical based on Pilgrim’s Progress , now why has no one ever thought of that before ? The cast is completed by Ilsa a young girl who sits in with Arnold’s mother during the meetings and somehow during a coffee break captures the imagination of the aspiring authors . A clap of thunder and hold onto your seats as we join a bemused Arnold caught up in their fantasies mingled to create a whirlwind of yes .. improbable fiction..