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david izen

The David Izen Jazz Show

I grew up with music, my Dad and uncle were professional players, Dad being pretty good at jazz. I grew up listening to many of the tracks I play here. I [...]


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Ange Hardy 2

The Classic Folk Show



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The Time Tunnel Show

998071_664456750250865_648822840_nTime Tunnel Show plays music from the 70s to 2017 , Request for music always welcome the show can change which always keeps me on my toes.    


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The Musical Journey Show

Be prepared for a mix of many genres and music you can’t hear on mainstream radio. Each week Clay will explore a different musical theme, style, or artist.  Expect rock, hip-hop, blues, punk, jazz, world music and everything in between.  If you like exploring music and having a little bit fun, tune into The Musical Journey with Clay Lowe.


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