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Radio Warwickshire officially launched in October of 2012, but had been incubating in the mind of founder, Liane Kate for several years.  She later recruited creative director, Clay Lowe, and together with a handful of volunteers, they launched the radio station and online magazine as a social enterprise dedicated to creating opportunities for a diverse range of musicians, artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, creatives and individuals who care about their community and want to share ideas, inspiration, news, and support without the traditional constraints of commercial radio.

Radio Warwickshire brings together a storymakers and storytellers who want to be a part of the digital revolution and share stories that uplift the community and have a positive impact on world.  We provide a multimedia platform that enables creatives to share their stories in the medium that allows them the greatest freedom of self-expression. We also provide a platform for citizen-journalists to share community interests news and stories.

Through our Internet radio channel, we provide a platform for musicians, presenters and DJs to share their music. We especially support unsigned bands within the community giving them a platform to share their music where commercial and mainstream radio is less likely to do so. We support beginners, novices, hobbyists and people looking to establish a career in music or radio.  Our radio channel offers a wide variety of musical styles to accommodate the diverse musical tastes within the community.

One of our guiding principles is to give radio back to the people.  What this means is we strive to maintain an active presence in the community giving a voice to local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, local councils, clubs, events promoters., and individuals.  For us radio is like the 21st century equivalent of the campfire, a place for the community to gather to share news and stories about what’s happening in our community.

As a value added service to the community, we train students who have an active interest interest in radio through a robust work experience programme. We also offer training to adults interested in citizen-journalism, social media and presenting.

The Radio Warwickshire model is attracting attention regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Through our mobile radio setup, we are able to provide live broadcasting on location bringing the community closer by making events accessible to people via the Internet.

We believe everybody in the community has a story to tell and we aim to help them tell their story and share it with the community.

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If you’d like to be a contributor to the blog, please contact Clay: claylowe@radiowarks.com

For general inquiries contact us at:  info@radiowarwickshire.com

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