Rolly’s Syndicate

Written by on June 10, 2014


Check out this hot new band featuring local players from Kenilworth and Warwick:

Rolly’s Syndicate was born in January 2014 when Rolly (producer/guitarist) was looking for musicians for his Music Production degree work at Staffordshire University. He accidentally met Luke (bass player) in a local music shop in Warwick. Luke was interested in this exciting music project and joined Rolly’s band. Benny (drummer) and Rolly had already known each other and the band leader just asked Benny’s opinion about a new band that plays blues and soul influenced music. Fortunately, Benny was keen to join the band. Rolly was looking for a singer and dropped a call to his previous band’s singer Milli who didn’t say no. Milli joined the band only for the songwriting and recording process. The band got together first time in February 2014 when the songwriting, rehearsing and demoing sessions started at Rolly’s Home Music Studio in Kenilworth. After a few months of really hard work Rolly’s Syndicate has released their debut album: Little Mullu. – Rolly’s Syndicate


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