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As a small child, I  was always surrounded by music – my sisters had the radio on constantly, and I remember hearing ABBA, Wings and ELO. I vividly remember laughing at Laurel & Hardy on Top of the Pops performing “The Trail of the Lonesome Pine”. In the late 70s I developed a taste for the new wave bands such as XTC and the Pretenders.

I bought my first LP in May 1981 on a school trip to London – “Kings of the Wild Frontier” by Adam & The Ants – I still treasure my signed copy to this day. From that point on, I was obsessed with music – I discovered John Peel’s show in early 1982 and never missed an episode for the next 25 years, often eschewing my friends’ requests to go out because I thought I might miss out on something important. I remember sitting up to 2am on occasion, after his schedule was changed to record the latest Jesus & Mary Chain session.

My mother would sing with local country and western groups in and around Derry, and my first public appearance was accompanying her on guitar, aged 8, while she sang “Mull of Kintyre” at the local army social club. I have been writing, recording, producing, and releasing my own music for a number of years now. So far I have released three albums under the name Lulubelle III (currently starting work on our fourth) and am about to release the debut La Bella Luna album. In addition to this, I have done stints in local radio and have done remixes for new and established artists (I did an electronic remix of “Crash” by The Primitives in 2016).

My philosophy for Cobwebs And Strange is simple – I want to play music which doesn’t necessarily get the attention it deserves – you will hear pop music; but you will also hear indie, punk, psychedelia, prog… in fact, anything that tickles my fancy!

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