radiowarks 001

RadioWarks Handpicked Music Mix 001

Listen up.  Here’s our handpicked music mix for week 20.06.2016: 1. Melt – Jones 2. Love Is Fire – Northern National 3. Gloom – The Verigolds 4. Brutally Honest – Society Falls 5. The Beach – Banooba 6. Milk and Honey – Toby Lightman 7. Fall Again – Pool Cosby 8. Wandering – Jude Shuma 9. Projector – Del Caesar …


It Only Rains On Bank Holidays

Yup, another rainy Bank Holiday, and on a Monday no less.  Well @soulcruzer compiled this playlist of rain songs to keep you company. 1. I Can’t Stand The Rain – Tina Turner 2. No Rain – Blind Mellon 3. The Rain Song 4. Raining Revolution – Arrested Development 5. Here Comes the Rain Again – Eurythmics 6. Only Happy When …

Lucy Packer

Meet young aspiring singer Lucy Packer

Lucy Packer, 17, from Warwick, was only young when she realised her vocal talent. Originally from Essex, Lucy moved to Switzerland at the age of three where she lived with her family for nine years. Between the age of 7 and 10 years old she tells me  her voice increasingly became a big part of who she was: “I only sung …


Hold Everything

Hold Everything by Soulcruzer on Mixcloud It’s summer time, and what better thing to do in the summer than to load up the van with booze and bagels and good company and hit the road to chase sunsets. And of course, you have to have the roadtrip mixtape to serve as the soundtrack for your adventure. Here’s mine. Enjoy.


Mixtape – Let Loose

Let Loose by Soulcruzer on Mixcloud “I’m late, i’m late for a very important date. No time for to say hello, goodbye. I’m late, i’m late, i’m late and when I wave, I lose the time I save.” The White Rabbit How do you enjoy time? We always seem to be rushing around like the White Rabbit. I’m trying to …


Mixtape – Bowie in Berlin

Check out the new mixtape from Adam Steiner of Here Comes Everyone magazine. These tracks represent the best of Bowie during his Berlin period (1976-1979) during which he made three albums, completed several tours as well as co-writing and producing several Iggy Pop tracks.   [mp3j track=”Adam Mix tape march 13.mp3″]   1.       A New Career In A New Town 2.       Heroes …


Mixtape – Raw Talent

The latest mixtape by @lianekate features some of the hottest new music from around Warwickshire.  If you love listening to the raw music of up and coming musicians, this is a must listen mixtape (and please share the link with people you know, let’s help these artists get their music heard).  Peace.     [mp3j track=”Raw Talent mix Liane Kate.mp3″]