Meet Taylor-Louise – a young woman with big ambitions who is addicted to the stage

Taylor- Louise

18 year old singer/songwriter,  Taylor-Louise from Leamington-Spa talks to Radio Warwickshire about her music and her ambitions.

Taylor-Louise has is a grade 8 music theatre qualified vocalist and a guitarist and has been playing and singing since she was 11 years old and writing since she was 14 and that was when her first extended play (EP) was released.

I asked her when she released her talent, Taylor-Louise tells me: “Songwriting became a release…it just became something I had to do and i still do whenever something sad or happy happens”

Taylor-Louise’s passion for her music has meant she has since been gigging hard all over the country, frequently setting up open mic- nights and gigs and often doing several in one night: “I realised I was gigging more days than there were in a week, and it was tiring me out”.

“I push myself…I don’t see why I should wait until my time comes, I want to do it now and I’m doing what I love.”

Taylor explains how she felt after her first gig at the age of 13: “I was addicted to it I loved being on the stage performing”

Taylor-Louise has taken on Gloucestershire Festival and Godiva Festival as well as the release of her EP as her biggest successes so far. But her most favourite memory during her singing career  was helping raise money for the homeless in a “Raise the Roof” project by performing at the age of 15. She feels strongly about helping young people off the streets and wishes to uses her singing and songwriting to inspire and connect with people.

Check out this inspiring interview with Taylor-Louise and her channel below.

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Story by: Gemma Davies @gemmasdavies






Meet Erin Tiger Lilley – a teenage singer/song writer

Erin pic

Erin Tiger Lilley is a 15 year old singer/songwriter from Oxfordshire.

She has been a musical enthusiast since she was a child, learning to play the piano at the age of seven and singing since the  the age of nine, soon putting her mind to writing her own songs.

She tells Radio Warwickshire “I just fell in love with being able to put my emotions and songs on paper”.

Erin recognises social media as a huge part of her fan base in addition to a range of local and further a field gigs, where she has received 49,000 hits on her first YouTube music video ‘Sweet Dreams’, filmed in Leamington Spa, and uses Twitter as an important base too.

Erin hopes over the next few years to to find the genre and artist she wants to be in the future and expand her working relationship with labels and artists.

Erin is already working with 14 Records to film her next music video and she hinted  that ideas for contemporary dancers with an inside studio setting will feature. Keep an eye out for this video coming out this year!

Listen to the whole interview here:

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Gemma Davies @gemmasdavies

Interview with Andrew Wyke Producer of Warwick Castle Proms 2014


On Friday, 6 June the nation was captivated by the commemorations of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and this year’s Summer Proms concert at Warwick Castle on Saturday, 12 July will pay tribute to the heroes of D-Day with a special selection of music, narration and iconic images on the big screen.

Producer Andrew Wyke commented: “This is a very special anniversary as there are now so few D-Day veterans still with us and we wanted to commemorate this at the Summer Proms concert at Warwick this year. “

With the 70-piece City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra performing on stage the D-Day commemoration section will feature beautiful classics including Hymn To The Fallen from the movie Saving Private Ryan; the theme from Band Of Brothers and more.

The D-Day section will start in spectacular style with an aerial display by an original World War II Spitfire, the aircraft which spearheaded the D-Day landings and helped ensure aerial supremacy.

Pilot Peter Teichman commented: “It is an honour to be flying for this special commemoration I’m sure it will be a very emotional for both myself and the audience.”

The evening promises to be spectacular showcasing superb music with all the Proms favourites for the flag-waving finale, and incredible fireworks. So gather friends and family, prepare picnics and join in the festivities for an evening of unrivalled entertainment.

Tickets are on sale now from at just £36 for adults and £10 for children.

Listen to the interview again at

reporter @molly__louise

Judie Tzuke – Woman Overboard Tour – #Amazing


If you listen to my radio show ‘That Was Then This Is Now’ you will know I am a huge Judie Tzuke fan and have been for many years.  On Sunday 25th May I had the pleasure of seeing her at The Stables in Milton Keynes.  Before I mention the show just have to say The Stables is a great venue, holding up to 400 people and it is next door to Cleo Laine’s house! I was on the second row feeling very much part of the ‘action’ and the theatre was full!

Judie was supported by two great acts. First there was Jamie Lawson who I had seen perform last year at Marylebone Station.  He sounded fabulous then but at The Stables he was just fantastic.  Jamie played six tunes covering his musical career from ‘Almost All The Time’ from his first album ‘Last Night Stars’ through to the more recent ‘Moving In’ from ‘Between Each Breath’ EP.  At the end of his set he said he would stay and chat in the break and if you wanted to buy a CD you could to cover the cost of his ‘tour bus’ – he went on to explain one sale would cover this.  Such was the success of his set that there was a huge queue at not only the end of his set but also at the very end of the show!  I can really recommend checking out Jamie and his material – (In case you didn’t know he has had a number 1 in Ireland!)

Jamie was followed onto the stage by Judie’s daughter Bailey, who was accompanied by her sister Tallula on backing vocals and Ben Mark on guitar.  Bailey played a short set comprising some new tunes which will be released shortly as well as a side project she is working on.  Bailey has an excellent voice and I’m really looking forward to hearing more from her.  I’ve already requested that she plays her own tune ‘Strong’ when I see her next!

So to the main event and the superb Judie Tzuke.  Judie came out to the stage with just Ben Mark and performed the beautiful ‘All at Sea’, the band then joined for a stirring version of ‘One Tree Less’.  I’ve said before that Judie has a very special voice and on Sunday despite having only just recovered from a throat infection she really did sound as good as ever. It is clear that Judie and her band love what they do and each one is amazingly talented.  In what other band have you seen a drummer also play viola?  The whole band were superb musicians and Ben Mark’s guitar playing was exceptional (how many guitars does he have?).  Her set covered her whole career including her hit from 1979 ‘Stay With Me Till Dawn’ right up to the title track of her new unreleased album ‘Women Overboard’.  The stand out tracks for me were ‘Tonight’ from the ‘Wonderland’ album and a fabulous cover of John Martyn’s ‘May You Never’ with Judie, Bailey and Talulla all taking a turn at lead vocals.

The set closed with the beautiful track ‘If’ based on the Rudyard Kipling poem.  No one left and after a standing ovation Judie and her band (including Jamie Lawson) were back to perform an ‘a capella’ version of ‘For You’.  The whole show finished with an uplifting version of Sukarita and another standing ovation.

The whole evening was amazing but was made even more special as everyone who waited got the opportunity to talk to Judie, Bailey, Jamie and the band.  They were all simply charming and it was a delight to be in their company.

This was a fantastic evening with an amazing talent who I believe is a National Treasure.  If you wish to hear a number of the tracks from the concert you can catch them on my show this week on Sunday at 8 on Radio Warwickshire.  Alternatively if you get a chance go to see the concert live as there are still some dates left on the tour – go to to get all the latest information – you will have a great evening!

Judie Tzuke with daughters Bailey and Talulla