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We’re on a mission to create an awesome social radio station.  To do that, we wanted to create an easy way for you to join us and sharing the tunes you want to hear.  We found an app that allows us to do just that.  So picture this: We live in a world where computers […]

Hi Folks, it’s still time to participate in #Octaver14 where you share you’re musical journey based on the theme for each day.  You can find the topics here. Here is  is selection of Day 1 posts: listen to ‘#Octaver14 Day 1 Share Your Musical Journey Over the Past Year’ on audioBoom — listen to ‘#octaver14 day […]

The awesome Naomi Martell-Bundock is coming to Radio Warwickshire with a new show that focuses on Wellbeing.  As Naomi put, “Wellbeing for the you; Wellbeing for your family; And wellbeing for your business.”  Naomi will be in the studio recording the episode on 13 October with a streaming date of Sunday, 19 October 2014 starting […]

If you answered yes to the above question, then you might want to participate in this year’s Octaver, which is a like a music fest where people share the music that has impacted their life. To participate, you have to have an AudioBoom account. It’s free so there’s no barrier for you to get yourself […]

listen to ‘The Brew – Coming to Rock the Assembly’ on Audioboo From Grimsby, The Brew has gone from strength to strength since the release of their international breakthrough “The Joker” in 2008. With two subsequent studio projects and a powerhouse live album, this award-winning trio has grown into one of Europe’s most potent rock […]

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September 13, 2014

Great day of LIVE music in Kenilworth and doubly so for us as we celebrated our 2nd birthday as an internet radio station! Wahoo! We streamed live from the Treehouse Bookshop, which will re-stream for you later. For now, listen to some of the highlights from the 14 Records LIVE stage. //

This autumn our folk shows, hosted by presenter Tamsin Rosewell, will have a new slot – and lots of new themes and some pretty stunning interviews. The first show is on the theme of Dreams and Nightmares, and features music from Emily Portman, Mishaped Pearls, Supine Orchestra, Miriam Backhouse – Erasmus, Daria Kulesh, Fay Brotherhood, Jack Blackman, Petunia & The Vipers and many others. […]

Phone interview with singer/songwriter Lucy Westhead about her debut EP by Radiowarks on Mixcloud Phone interview with singer/songwriter Lucy Westhead talking about the process behind writing & recording her debut EP with Danny Wilkinson & producer Troy Miller (Amy Winehouse, Rumer, Laura Mvula). Features tracks off the EP from the lady who's been backing vocalist [...]

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