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1. Blow My Mind – Pleasure House

2. Keep On Smiling – Answer Back

3. Bodies – We Were Lovers

4. Laugh or Cry – DaVina

5. Make You Mine – Megan Wilde

6. Regrets – The French Broads

7. Sunset Moon – Shah Jahan

8. Heart Out – Thaddeus Anna Greene

9. Swing On – Midnight Mob

10. Baby We Were Young – The Dirty Guv’nahs

11. Little Things – Hy Brasil

Show Notes for Leamington Hour Radio Show Number 13


Interview Number 1- Sam Thiara



Our first interview on this show is with Sam Thiara.

Sam is a business owner who wants to help people grow their business and support them in a number of ways.

In this interview we talk about Product Staircases, Digital E-Books, how to grow your business and how to become an authority in your industry.

Sam is releasing his 7 ways to build your authority at Grow Leamington. Here is his latest article-

Interview 2- Jo and Lisa from The Arte  Cafe



Our second interview on this show is with Jo and Lisa who own and run The Arte Cafe in along Regent Street in Leamington Spa.

As well as having a fantastic coffee shop with lovely cakes, the hold activities for businesses and parties for all ages which are related to art and crafts.

They are a brilliant double act and I loved doing this interview.

Click here to find out more!

Interview 3- Amy from The Stagey Fox



Our third interview is with Amy who runs The Stagey Fox who opened in March this year. It is also located along Regent Street in Leamington Spa.

They have brilliant events every Thursday evenings and they are free to come along to.

They are a welcome addition to the already great independent businesses we have in Leamington.

Click here to find out more!

Interview 4- Lisa Moore from Leamington Therapy Centre



Our last interview is with Lisa Moore from The Leamington Therapy Centre.

Lisa has a passion for helping people and with her magic hands she can help you relax, overcome injuries, recovery and stress relief.

Her practice is located in Leamington and is worth calling and visiting if you are in the area.

Here is Lisa’s website if you would like more information.

Events coming up! 

I will be hosting three networking events in July. If you wanted to find out more then here are the links to them.

4th July- 4N Leamington Lunch with Samantha Rollins.

18th July- 4N Leamington Lunch with Mike Freddie Gordon.

20th July- Network with Leamington Hour with Adam Redshaw and Ernie Boxall.

Other news! 

Our first live event will be at the Arte Cafe in Leamington on the 25th July which is going to be ace. We will be having interview with Clay Lowe and two other special guests. We will also be having live music by a very special artist. This will be revealed in our next show.

live cafe


Let us know about any events you are part of and get in touch on Twitter at @LeamingtonHour or on the contact page on Radio Warwickshire.

The next show! 

The next new show is on Monday 5:30-6:30pm and if you have missed this show then you can catch it on Wednesday between 5:00-6:00pm.

It will also be available to download as a podcast on Wednesday at 6pm. Here is the link to the previous show-

Hope you have enjoyed it and if you want to be part of it then let me know!!

Show notes for Leamington Hour Radio Show Number 12



Interview Number 1- Kirk Pickstone

Our first interview on this show is with Kirk Pickstone. Kirk has two businesses Duggystone and Smoart. He is also passionate about raising the awareness of dyslexia.

Kirk is a great guy and if you get a chance to talk to him then take it!

If you want to know more about Kirk Pickstone then check out his website-


Interview 2- Michelle and Linda

Our second interview on this show is with Michelle Abrahall and Linda Scannell. Michelle is a Graphic Designer and Linda is a Photographer and a Videographer.

For info about Michelle Abrahall then check out her website-

Check out Linda Scannell website for all the latest information and services that Linda can offer-


Interview 3- The Team at Gusto

On the 9th June Gusto opened their new store along Regent Court in Leamington.

They are lovely staff with even better food and I am so happy to have had the chance to talk to them.

If you want to find out more information about Gusto in Leamington then check out their website-


Other news!

Our first live event will be at the Arte Cafe in Leamington on the 25th July which is going to be ace. More information will be coming next week.

Let us know about any events you are part of and get in touch on Twitter at @LeamingtonHour or on the contact page on Radio Warwickshire.

The next new show is on Monday 5:30-6:30pm and if you have missed this show then you can catch it on Wednesday between 5:00-6:00pm.

It will also be available to download as a podcast on Wednesday at 6pm. Here is the link to the previous show-

Hope you have enjoyed it and if you want to be part of it then let me know!!

It Only Rains On Bank Holidays


Yup, another rainy Bank Holiday, and on a Monday no less.  Well @soulcruzer compiled this playlist of rain songs to keep you company.

1. I Can’t Stand The Rain – Tina Turner

2. No Rain – Blind Mellon

3. The Rain Song

4. Raining Revolution – Arrested Development

5. Here Comes the Rain Again – Eurythmics

6. Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage

7. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan

8. Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival

9. Feels Like Rain – Buddy Guy

10. Let It Rain – Eric Clapton

11. Looks Like Rain – Passion Pit

12. November Rain – Guns ‘N Roses


Here’s the Spotify version:

Whitemoor – Pause and Effect



My first album review for was for a band called Whitemoor.  Regular listeners to my show on Radio Warwickshire will have heard tunes by them such as ‘On Top Of The World’ and ‘The North Wind’.  If you have not heard of them then Whitemoor are a British Indie band from Derby formed back in 2010 by Gary ‘Barrington’ Mole, who enlisted the services of Benny Ryan as his lead vocalist. The additions of Luke Inglis (Bass), Tom Scribbins (Drums) and Louise Tomlinson (Keys, Backing Vocals) completed the line up in 2012.

Their third album ‘Pause and Effect’ will be launched on the 25th July and I have had an opportunity to listen to it in advance and I’ve based my review on how I reviewed Horizons.

So how does ‘Pause and Effect’ sound?

I said the last album ‘Horizons’ was simply GREAT and I would say exactly the same about ‘Pause’! They have kept their really big sound but the variety in the different tracks on the album is astonishing – there is surely something for everyone here.

The album kicks off with an epic tune called ‘Hollywood’.  The track begins with something similar to an opening to a film before the guitars kick in.  You have to play the track loud to get the maximum effect!  The album continues to showcase WhiteMoors ‘big’ sound but the way the album kicks off is truly immense and sets the high standard of musicianship that follows throughout the whole album.

The facts you need to know –

– Ideal time to play ‘Pause and Effect’ – long train journeys so you hear the whole album (but definitely NOT in the Quiet Zone)

– Who would I lend it to? – Clay Lowe – he’d love it on ‘The Musical journey Show’ (but I’d make sure I get my copy back!!)

– If you like this try – Not sure as this is unique but maybe – Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’

– Tracks to download as soon as possible – Hollywood, Codes, Only Human and A Cage for the Animals (but the whole album needs to be listened to)

I really never want the album to end and the closing track ‘Until Tomorrow’ is particularly gorgeous.

If you don’t believe me I found this comment for my last review and I totally agree

“WhiteMoor are one of the finest bands around, What I love about them is they do the pop thing so well but at the same time the guitars are used so creatively. They simply have everything and manage to do things that very few other people manage to achieve” – DEAN JACKSON – BBC RADIO – MERCURY PRIZE JUDGE

I would recommend you to check out WhiteMoor – Pause and Effect as soon as you can

If you want more information on WhiteMoor go to or @WhiteMoorBand on Twitter.

Interview – Chasing Deer


Formed in 2012, Chasing Deer are a five piece rock/pop band from the Midlands.

Following the release of their first single ‘Step into the Light’ on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music in late 2014 to fantastic reviews, they have since been touring The Midlands, London and other areas of the UK.

The band are currently working on their first EP ‘Rewriting History’ for a Summer 2015 release and tour!

I caught up with Rob and Adam for a quick chat about the band’s upcoming projects, their origin story and some of their musical influences.  Plus we get an exclusive play of a couple of tracks from their upcoming EP.


Coventry Transport Museum Celebrates its Official Re-Opening Today

Coventry Transport Museum celebrated its official and complete re-opening in style today, following its extensive £9.5 million redevelopment.

The automotive world gathered to watch a stunning display in Millennium Place from multiple world record holder and supercar stuntman Terry Grant.  This was followed with a unique parade of ‘Trailblazing Cars of the World’, curated by Harry Metcalfe (of Evo magazine, and YouTube hit Harry’s Garage fame), and hosted by television presenter and racing driver, Amanda Stretton.

Harry Metcalfe said: “I was asked to get involved with the re-launch of the museum following a visit I made here a few weeks ago.  I was very impressed, and delighted to get involved. There’s no question that Coventry and the Midlands was, is and will continue to be at the very heart of the British motor industry, and indeed the world’s, especially with the recent successes of the city’s most famous export, Jaguar, and its sister company, Land Rover.”

Amanda Stretton said: “What we have here is one of the world’s finest – and indeed the largest in public ownership – collection of cars, motorbikes, push-bikes, vans, trucks, buses and a whole lot more.  And I’m told that more car manufacturers have come out of Coventry than Detroit.  This really is our very own Motown, and that’s what Coventry Transport Museum celebrates so brilliantly.  It is a really fitting, world-class tribute and attraction to this great motoring city.

The museum has been completely transformed and provides a world-class showcase for Coventry’s rich transport heritage – from the 19th century to the present day.

Following its 15 month-long redevelopment programme, Coventry Transport Museum offers a whole day of fun and discovery for visitors of all ages in an iconic city-centre building. Through its re-energised exhibitions, visitors are taken on a journey through Coventry’s vast transport history; from being a bicycle capital of the world in the 19th century to producing vehicles for the war efforts, to contributing to the UK’s car-making and exporting success, and everything in-between.

Visitors are met with hundreds of unique exhibits, delivering a world-class experience throughout. The car collection includes the world’s fastest cars ThrustSSC and Thrust2, the oldest Coventry-built car, more than 3,000 toy car models – including Dinky, Matchbox and Corgi, and many of the most innovative, memorable and luxurious road vehicles of the last 150 years – all built in Coventry.

Cars are only a part of Coventry’s transport journey – the museum focuses on the innovators and the workers who made that growth possible. From the cycle pioneers of the 19th century who revolutionized transport for the masses, to the men and women who created the transport, munitions and equipment for the world wars – and looking into the future, with innovators in technology who will shape the automotive future of Coventry and beyond.

Culture Coventry chief executive Gary Hall says: “Re-launching the museum is the culmination of seven years of hard work by the team. It marks yet another landmark for Coventry’s transport heritage, but also preserves its rich history. The museum provides a haven for visitors to immerse themselves in the past, present and future of Coventry’s transport legacy – capturing the imagination of visitors of all ages.  We are extremely grateful to the European Regional Development Fund, the Heritage Lottery Fund and all of the other organisations who have supported this project throughout.

In addition –

The Trailblazing Cars of the World included models from all over the globe, representing a collection that changed the automotive landscape forever.

Harry Metcalfe’s Trailblazing Cars of the World: From Harry on the importance of this addition “The idea of the Trailblazing Cars collection is that they, in my opinion, are all examples that changed the car world forever.  Many of the cars I have brought along today have definitely achieved that, and many of these were designed, engineered and built right here in Coventry and the Midlands.”

Lamborghini Miura (widely recognized as the world’s first supercar)

Mini (Pioneered front wheel drive packaging and compact economy car design for towns and cities)

Jaguar C-type (Pioneer of disc-brakes, developed initially for racing at Le Mans, but ultimately adopted in production cars all over the world)

Land Rover Series I (one of the world’s first commercially available 4x4s)

Porsche 911 Turbo (the world’s first commercially successful Turbo offering)

Range Rover (Introduced in 1970, it established a whole new sector of all-terrain vehicle for Europe, and remains in production today as the pinnacle of luxury SUVs the world over)

Ferrari F40 (the first road-legal production car to break the 200mph barrier and the fastest and most expensive Ferrari of its time)

Audi Quattro (the world’s first performance car to adopt four-wheel-drive, very successfully marketed through victorious rally campaigns in WRC and Group B during the 1980s)

Bugatti Veyron (In its time: the world’s fastest car, the first ‘hyper’ car, world’s most expensive car, and most powerful car with 1000bhp – often named as the ‘best car in the world’)

Jaguar C-X75 (The world’s first hybrid-electric supercar – followed by many of the world’s supercar manufacturers)

Photo credit: Coventry Transport Museum

Blog – 20th June 2015 Reported by Liane Kate, Radio Warwickshire @LianeKate

Move It 2015




IMG_0830 IMG_0846  IMG_0869


Yesterday I attended the 10th anniversary of ‘Move It’.  You may wonder what ‘Move It’ is well it is the event of the year if you have any interest in dance.  This was the fourth year I have taken my daughters (they are the dancers – not me!) and the event just gets bigger each year.  There is so much to see –

The main stage that had performances from

– Britain’s Got Talent’s – Twist ‘n’ Pulse (as Power Rangers), Flawless, Cartel

– Got to Dance’s – Marvel, Project G, Lukas McFarlane, Crazy popper, Turbo and the stunning Bitter Harvest

– Strictly Come Dancing’s – Janette Manrara and Aljaz Skorjanec

The compere is the excellent Matt Flint who choreographs lots of shows on BBC including Strictly Come Dancing.

IMG_0848 IMG_0862 IMG_0834


Although there are a number of ‘star acts’ performing there are also brilliant performances from a number of dance colleges such as Masters, Bird and Urdang.  The performance yesterday from Masters was amazing.  There is also another stage though that has acts going on throughout the day. My wife and I just watch the performance as well as listen to the interviews that take place with the performers.  However this is just one small element of ‘Move It’ though.  There are workshops and lessons going on throughout the day in all styles of dance from ‘Fit Steps’ to ‘Waaking’ all generally lasting 45 minutes, so you can get an opportunity to try a number of different styles if you wish or get scouted!

The hall is also full of stalls promoting the best in dance clothing (particularly Capezio and Bloch) as well as all the best dance schools and colleges are there to give potential students to find out more information about scholarships and what they are offering.

The event is fantastic value and is so good my daughters have gone back again today.  The highlights of 2015 have been my daughters meeting Ian Waite (and Kingsland Road on Sunday), but for my wife and myself it was being photo-bombed by Janette and Alijaz!  If you are interested in dance make sure you visit Move-It in 2016!