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Meet Hannah Smiddy of GoldCrest Cleaning. Hannah is a sales and marketing manager with a passion for community and cleaning.


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Radio Warwickshire Astro Blog for May



Words: Astroforfun

Photo: Julie Straayer

Getting this in now, so you have plenty of time as you may not know its taking place! Well, now you do know.

International Astronomy Show 2014, Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, June 7th & 8th.

Buy your tickets online, then register for the tweet up that is taking place at the event too

If you are on twitter, follow us @astroforfun and make sure you follow @ccdhome, Then tweet him to register for the Tweet Up.

Beginners, you may have questions you’d like to ask, so come to stall 46 and ask us, we will be there on both days.

Mobile and PC/Laptop Astronomy Apps by Gary Colville

Starting in astronomy, need not mean you must have a telescope or Binoculars, in today’s world of technical wonders, you can start right there, in the palm of your hand or at home, in front of your pc.

I personally use the ones listed below, but do a search on any mobile store and you will come across lots of Astronomy apps, some free, some at a cost. we have one of our very own for free., you can find 2 of our very own, for free. Well we could advertise others first could we? ALL available app and the links can be found on our google+ page here > and if you cant find them, ask Gary for the links to them.

On Google Store you can find, SkEye (point your mobile camera to the sky, it will tell you what its pointing at, 1000′s of different objects out there), Astronomy Calendar, NASA, NASATV, Latitude converter (Mostly for powered telescope users), APOD (Astronomy Picture Of  the Day), Astro Panel( Which is a weather app for astronomers), Night Sky Tools (an app full of great items we astronomers need), Compass ( some Telescopes require North polar aligning) SkyNight ( as SKEye), ISS Live ( see whats happening LIVE onboard the ISS and where its location is every single minute so you know when to see it above you)

On Amazon store you can find Compass as on Google Store, Orrery ( A beautiful example of our solar system and the planets orbiting our Sun), Hubble3d (some amazing images from the what i personally think is the Greatest ever Space Telescope), Panoramic Mars, (Images from 3 different adventures on the red planet from Mars Pathfinder, Spirit & Opportunity Rovers and Mars Curiosity Rover).

On my laptop, i use Stellarium for finding planets, nebula, galaxy locations from your location, SharpCap for running a live view from my Telescope to laptop via webcam/CCD.

I also use Gimp2 for tweaking the final image and adding my details after using either webcam or DSLR, AutoStakkert or Registax for putting image upon image upon image etc after using a webcam or DSLR camera. Virtual Moon Atlas, which covers all craters and oceans on the moon. Of course there are no REAL oceans on the Moon.

Darren Murray uses These apps: Skysafari,  Pro Polaris Finder and Astro Panel.

Tracey Snelus uses these on occasions: Sky safari and scope Companion

Margaret Dixon Uses Scope help and Scope Nights, ISS Spotter, and Iridium flares.

Craig Dawes uses Sky safari pro, Iridium Flares, Sky Chart, Polar Align and Stellarium. Stellarium is also a great free download for laptops and PC’s.

Hayley Parr uses sky map, star walk, Stellarium, ISS tracker and one called world radar for weather/cloud cover

Jonathen Harty uses Sky Safari, ISS spotter, Phases of the Moon, Scope Help, Star Walk and Scope Nights.

Our friends at Norwich Astronomy Society said they use SkySafari+, Satellite Safari  but also suggested Star Walk and Solar Walk for the younger members of the public.

The Rise of Saturn by Margaret Dixon

While April saw Mars reach opposition, the point at which Mars was directly in alignment with the Earth and the Sun, May is Saturn’s month.

The best time to see Saturn in 2014 is May, Saturn reaches opposition on the night of May 10th it rises at sunset and will be visible all night long. Opposition also brings Saturn to its closest point to the Earth for 2014. This means that the planet will be shining at its most brilliantly in the night sky for the year.

Saturn is, of course, most famous for its system of rings. For those who are lucky enough to view Saturn through a telescope, at the time of opposition, then they may notice a brightening of Saturn’s rings at this time. This is known as the Seeliger effect. Saturn’s rings contain ice particles and at the time of opposition the reflection of the light from the sun is at just the right angle for the rings to be illuminated without us seeing any shadow.

Saturn can be found lying in the constellation Libra. Regardless of where you are in the world Saturn will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight, local time.

Saturn can be found in the South Eastern sky. To find Saturn look for the bright planet near the moon, this is Mars, below and slightly to the left of Mars you can find Spica and then below and slightly to the left again is Saturn.

Saturn will remain visible and in a good place to observe throughout May 2014. So here’s to clear skies and happy observing.

louise stanton


Photo: Louise Stanley

The Orion Nebula, by Hayley Parr.

It’s fair to say that the constellation of Orion is one of the easiest to spot with the three stars of huntsman’s belt being prominent in the night sky.
However Orion has a thinly veiled secret within the constellation there is a very active stellar nursery. This due to the nebula that it contains within it. If you look out into the night sky and locate Orion (you will need a very clear night, in a dark area with little to no light pollution) avert your gaze to just underneath the constellations belt. You should be able to see a haze which appears greenish in colour. This is the Orion nebula or M42 a vast expanse of space where stars are coming to life, a massive cosmic cloud of dust and gases.
Within this nebula there are four baby stars (well a million years or so old, but stars live for a very long time.) These stars are a cluster called the trapezium and they shine incredibly brightly. However a lot of stars starting out their life within this cosmic wonder are concealed behind the nebula itself.

Double Star of the Month by Darren Murray

Binary Star of the Month MAY: 2014
Alpha Gem, 66 Gem, SAO 60198, STF 1110A
Castor is found high in the sky in the constelation of Gemini ,
it was first resolved by Cassini in 1678.. during the month of may it is best visible between
21:32 and 23:35 .
This star is a brilliant Binary with two components of Magnitudes of 2.0 and 2.9 and separated by 4.4 Arc seconds making it an easy target for small scopes.


Moon Rise and Moon Set by Gary Colville

May 1st

Moonrise: 07:05 local (06:05 GMT, 30 Apr), azimuth 59.6°
Moonset: 23:00 local (22:00 GMT, 30 Apr), azimuth 301.6°

May 2nd

Moonrise: 07:50 local (06:50 GMT, 1 May), azimuth 58.1°
Moonset: 23:52 local (22:52 GMT, 1 May), azimuth 301.9°

May 3rd

Moonrise: 08:41 local (07:41 GMT, 2 May), azimuth 58.4°
Moonset: No moonset on this date

May 4th (Unofficial International Star Wars Day)

Moonrise: 09:37 local (08:37 GMT, 3 May), azimuth 60.3°
Moonset: No moonset on this date

May 5th

Moonrise: 10:35 local (09:35 GMT, 4 May), azimuth 63.7°
Moonset: 01:13 local (00:13 GMT, 4 May), azimuth 297.7°

May 6th

Moonrise: 11:36 local (10:36 GMT, 5 May), azimuth 68.3°
Moonset: 01:45 local (00:45 GMT, 5 May), azimuth 293.7°

May 7th

Moonrise: 12:39 local (11:39 GMT, 6 May), azimuth 73.7°
Moonset: 02:12 local (01:12 GMT, 6 May), azimuth 288.6°

May 8th

Moonrise: 13:43 local (12:43 GMT, 7 May), azimuth 79.8°
Moonset: 02:36 local (01:36 GMT, 7 May), azimuth 283.0°

May 9th

Moonrise: 14:48 local (13:48 GMT, 8 May), azimuth 86.4°
Moonset: 02:59 local (01:59 GMT, 8 May), azimuth 276.8°

May 10th

Moonrise: 15:55 local (14:55 GMT, 9 May), azimuth 93.3°
Moonset: 03:22 local (02:22 GMT, 9 May), azimuth 270.1°

May 11th

Moonrise: 17:04 local (16:04 GMT, 10 May), azimuth 100.3°
Moonset: 03:44 local (02:44 GMT, 10 May), azimuth 263.4°

May 12th

Moonrise: 18:14 local (17:14 GMT, 11 May), azimuth 107.1°
Moonset: 04:09 local (03:09 GMT, 11 May), azimuth 256.6°

May 13th

Moonrise: 19:27 local (18:27 GMT, 12 May), azimuth 113.3°
Moonset: 04:37 local (03:37 GMT, 12 May), azimuth 250.3°

May 14th

Moonrise: 20:38 local (19:38 GMT, 13 May), azimuth 118.2°
Moonset: 05:09 local (04:09 GMT, 13 May), azimuth 244.6°

May 15th

Moonrise: 21:47 local (20:47 GMT, 14 May), azimuth 121.5°
Moonset: 05:49 local (04:49 GMT, 14 May), azimuth 240.3°

May 16th

Moonrise: 22:49 local (21:49 GMT, 15 May), azimuth 122.5°
Moonset: 06:37 local (05:37 GMT, 15 May), azimuth 237.9°

May 17th

Moonrise: 23:43 local (22:43 GMT, 16 May), azimuth 121.0°
Moonset: 07:36 local (06:36 GMT, 16 May), azimuth 237.8°

May 18th

Moonrise: No moonrise on this date
Moonset: 08:43 local (07:43 GMT, 17 May), azimuth 240.1°

May 19th

Moonrise: No moonrise on this date
Moonset: 09:57 local (08:57 GMT, 18 May), azimuth 244.5°

May 20th

Moonrise: 01:05 local (00:05 GMT, 19 May), azimuth 112.0°
Moonset: 11:13 local (10:13 GMT, 19 May), azimuth 250.5°

May 21st

Moonrise: 01:37 local (00:37 GMT, 20 May), azimuth 105.6°
Moonset: 12:30 local (11:30 GMT, 20 May), azimuth 257.6°

May 22nd

Moonrise: 02:05 local (01:05 GMT, 21 May), azimuth 98.3°
Moonset: 13:47 local (12:47 GMT, 21 May), azimuth 265.2°

May 23rd

Moonrise: 02:31 local (01:31 GMT, 22 May), azimuth 90.9°
Moonset: 15:02 local (14:02 GMT, 22 May), azimuth 273.0°

May 24th

Moonrise: 02:57 local (01:57 GMT, 23 May), azimuth 83.6°
Moonset: 16:16 local (15:16 GMT, 23 May), azimuth 280.4°

May 25th

Moonrise: 03:23 local (02:23 GMT, 24 May), azimuth 76.5°
Moonset: 17:29 local (16:29 GMT, 24 May), azimuth 287.3°

May 26th

Moonrise: 03:52 local (02:52 GMT, 25 May), azimuth 70.2°
Moonset: 18:40 local (17:40 GMT, 25 May), azimuth 293.2°

May 27th

Moonrise: 04:24 local (03:24 GMT, 26 May), azimuth 64.8°
Moonset: 19:47 local (18:47 GMT, 26 May), azimuth 297.8°

May 28th

Moonrise: 05:00 local (04:00 GMT, 27 May), azimuth 60.8°
Moonset: 20:49 local (19:49 GMT, 27 May), azimuth 300.9°

May 29th

Moonrise: 05:43 local (04:43 GMT, 28 May), azimuth 58.5°
Moonset: 21:45 local (20:45 GMT, 28 May), azimuth 302.1°

May 30th

Moonrise: 06:32 local (05:32 GMT, 29 May), azimuth 57.9°
Moonset: 22:32 local (21:32 GMT, 29 May), azimuth 301.5°

May 31st

Moonrise: 07:25 local (06:25 GMT, 30 May), azimuth 59.2°
Moonset: 23:12 local (22:12 GMT, 30 May), azimuth 299.2°


The Power of Music Virtual Conference

power of music

power of music

Music is in you! It is a part of our rituals, relationships and expresses our diversity.  Music is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

Join Akahdahmah and Sukhdev Jackson along with 17+ top artists and musical activists and discover music through the lens of world-renowned musicians, DJ’s, producers, sound healers, scientists and shamans.  From tribal drumming to Jazz, from Devotional Music to Rock and Roll, from Hip Hop to Electronic Dance Music, explore the ways music is experienced in cultures around the world.

The Power of Music is available for FREE online from May 19 – 23, 2014!

Together we will experience music in a radical way that will inspire change and give you a look into the profound way music affects humanity.  We believe music is a powerful catalyst for helping humanity evolve into a more peaceful and understanding global culture. We are excited to offer this empowering conversation to the world.

Hope to see you there!

The Power of Music Virtual Conference
Dates: May 19 – 23, 2014
Price: FREE
Where: to sign up online click here.


Andrea Bayles, Nutritional Therapist, talks about her passion and belief in nutritional health


Following a personal family experience Andrea was led into the fascinating world of natural health and in particular nutritional therapy. Qualifying in 2007 at College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and have been practicing since.

Andrea can see a wide variety of people with an even wider variety of health concerns and supports children with food allergies and intolerances, skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis and children with autism and learning disabilities.

Alongside this she runs a weight management programme known as Metabolic Balance which is completely individual to each case.
Her main passion is to help people with chronic illness – from chronic fatigue syndrome to MS – there is always something that nutrition can do.

Find out more at: 


T: 01564 33 99 55

Reporter @lianekate

We speak with Katie Ashby, show’s director and cast member of The D-Day Darlings coming to Warwick School Bridge House Theatre on 18th May

kate ashby

Pack up your troubles and join the D-Day Darlings for Afternoon Tea at Warwick School’s Bridge House Theatre
The D-Day Darlings are set to salute the efforts of pupils at Warwick School, who have been learning about World War II in a recent project. Rounding off the term in true wartime fashion, Bridge House Theatre will be serving tea and cake on Sunday 18th May as the D-Day Darlings sing “The Songs That Won The War”.

Katie Ashby, the show’s director and cast member speaks about the upcoming show, “We are excited to be performing at Bridge House Theatre as part of this year’s tour to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Our show has gained quite a following from people who either lived during World War II or had family that did. However, we are more frequently meeting children and young adults who are intrigued by the era and it is so rewarding to see them get equally into the spirit during our shows.
It is hardly surprising that so many people are still fascinated by the era – wartime Britain is a massive part of our country’s heritage; it shaped who we are as a nation today.

My own interest in the nostalgia surrounding World War II inspired me to put together this show, which I hope the audience will agree, reflects the community spirit and patriotism that Britain was famed for.”

During this year’s tour, the D-Day Darlings will continue raising funds and awareness for the Royal British Legion who support war veterans, past and present, and their families.

Set in the heart of wartime Britain, the show tells a story of a vocal-harmony trio seeking to get their big break in the heart of WW2. Featuring memorable 1940’s songs from artists such as Gracie Fields, The Andrews Sisters and Dame Vera Lynn, who is also a keen supporter of the show.

The D-Day Darlings will be performing at 3pm on Sunday 18th May at Bridge House Theatre.
Tickets cost £10 adults or £5 children (aged 14 and under). Book online: or call the Ticket Office on 01926 776438.
More details of The D-Day Darlings can be found on their website – you can also follow them on Twitter @ddaydarlings or ‘d-day darlings’ on Facebook.

Reporter @lianeakate

‘The Great Warwickshire Show And Tell’

show and tell

On the night of 16th May, Warwick town centre will turn into “The Great Warwickshire Show (and Tell)”. The event will run from 3pm – 10pm on the Market Square in Warwick. It will be a very public exhibition with more than 50 exhibition spaces and roaming performers, all curated by local people and organisations bringing together the fantastic and personal heritage and culture of Warwickshire.

In conjunction with The Great Warwickshire Show and Tell (Warwickshire Museums at Night event with artist Alex Hartley), Heritage and Culture is delighted to offer the chance to tour the historic Old Warwick Courts, including courtroom, cells and dungeon.

Tours of the Old Courts in Northgate Street, Warwick, are taking place on Friday 16th May, and will be offered at 3.00 pm, 4.15 pm and 5.30 pm. Places must be booked in advance by calling or visiting one of the following three venues, during opening hours:
Warwickshire County Record Office on 01926 738959
St John’s Museum on 01926 412132
Market Hall Museum on 01926 412501
Venue is not suitable for pushchairs or people with mobility issues
Find out more at
Listen to the interview again at
Reporter @lianekate

Interview with Sarah Stallard of Myton Hospice Warwick

cycle challenge

Get on your bikes for Myton!
Cyclists across Coventry and Warwickshire are being asked to get on their bikes to raise money for The Myton Hospices.
The charity is holding its annual Cycle Challenge again on Sunday 22nd June and riders are being offered the choice of routes of 45, 60 and 80 miles.
The event starts and ends at Warwick Myton Hospice on Myton Lane and riders can relax and enjoy a BBQ in the grounds after completing their route.
The challenge has previously been held in August but has been brought forward this year to avoid the summer holidays.
Last year’s ride attracted more than 200 riders and raised over £24,000 for Myton!

Myton’s Events Manager Sarah Stallard said: “This is a fantastic and very popular event with three routes to choose from all taking in the beautiful scenery Warwickshire has to offer. Whether you are doing it as a challenge or for fun, with friends and family or in memory of someone you love this is a great chance to get cycling and support your local hospice at the same time.”

This year’s event is being kindly sponsored by Arden’s who are keen supporters of the charity.

Arden’s Director Jon Barlow said: “I was genuinely moved after visiting Coventry Myton Hospice a few years ago and struggle to think of a more worthy cause. Providing the best possible support and environment to individuals and their families at such a difficult time is so important and something that every person should have available. We are pleased to be supporting the Cycle Challenge and hope it is a great success so that Myton can continue helping as many people as possible. “

Registration for the each route costs £25 and includes the BBQ on return and refreshment stops along the route, participants can choose to either raise sponsorship or make a donation in lieu of sponsorship.

So what are you waiting for?! Sign up today at or call Sarah Stallard on 01926 838815 for more information.
Myton’s Corporate Fundraiser Rosie Houghton (in the photo) will be taking on her ultimate challenge in July when she cycles from London to Paris to raise money for Myton.

To sponsor her click here

Reporter @lianekate

Interview with Sally Evans, local business woman who is about to ‘loose her hair for charity’

Lincoln Inspired 2014- 4000 Years in 2000 Seconds with William Sitwell

I have some exciting news that I thought I’d share with you! Lincoln Inspired Festival  in Lincolnshire is holding an event on Friday 9th May in which the editor of Waitrose Kitchen magazine, William Sitwell is giving an insightful and interesting talk named ‘4000 Years in 2000 Seconds’.

Besides being the editor of Waitrose Kitchen, William has also appeared as a judge on BBC’s Masterchef: The Professionals and other television appearances  include Britain’s Best Dish as well as Michelin Stars – The Madness of Perfection; he is the author of the acclaimed A History of Food in 100 Recipes.

I’ve actually had the privilege of meeting him at my university, and he has lots of interesting stories to share about his travels to different countries and his own experience as to how he got involved in the world of food.

If this event is of any interest to you and you fancy a trip to the lovely cathedral city of Lincoln, then you can find all the details at Tickets cost £4/£2 and are available to book now by calling  01522 873894  or visiting the box office website here:

You may also want to browse through the festival brochure to see what else is going on, simply check out:

I’m very much looking forward to meeting William again and hope to see you there!